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    • CommentAuthorrayna0x
    • CommentTimeJul 7th 2009 edited
    right i have 6 gift codes and im giving them away i only give them to superstars all you need to do is give me you nickname and password :face-smile:

    add me as a friend saying you want the codes and ill accept (my name on stardoll is rayna0x <by the way that is a zero (the circle in my name)
    then send me you nickname and password through doll mail on stardoll
    • CommentAuthordrbanda
    • CommentTimeJul 10th 2009
    Go to and register all you have to do is play games and tell your friends about the website when you get enough points like 1000 you can get a free gift card for stardoll of club penguin
    Hey everyone!!! i have a way to get ABSOLUTELY FREEEEEE STARDOLLARS!!!!!!!! all u have to do is send this girl ur stardoll username and password. im sorry but THIS ONLY WORKS FOR SUPERSTARS. i sent her my username and password, and now im a superstar with tons of stardollars. if u dont believe me, check me out on stardoll. my user is volleylolleyx7. the girls email is

    GOOD LUCKK!!!!!
    • CommentAuthorkikigurl05
    • CommentTimeAug 16th 2009
    I hope you guyz are not stupid enough to even try this. dont try it! TRY WHAT IM ABOUT TO TELL YOU!You can just do these sites for free and u dont need to be superstar and it aint no cheat! ATTENTION!!!!!!!! ANY WEBSITE THAT HAS "CHEAT" IN IT. is a scam!!! This site buys the gift cards they dont cheat. You cant cheat stardoll, so take it from me and dont waste your time doing cheats. These sites you just do simple surveys and get enough points to get a stardoll gift card. They dont cheat cause they BUY THE giftcards. Follow these directions


    1. go to
    2. Sign up
    3. Do surveys
    4. Get 10 points to redeem a stardoll giftcard.
    5. They will send you it by email. And you dont even need to give your address!

    1. go to
    3.Do surveys
    4. Get 10,000 points to redeem a stardoll giftcard.
    5. They will send you it by email. And you dont even need to give your address!

    Again, dont waste 1 minute of your time with cheats. I learnt that the hard way. Its 100% fake! None is real! This is quick and easy!!!! Both sites are quick!!! Itll take like 1 sec to do the suverys! And they give big points for them!

    Please visit my stardoll: kikigurl05 and vote her covergirl!
    • CommentAuthorkitkaty
    • CommentTimeAug 16th 2009
    1. go to
    2. Sign up
    3. complete offers
    4. Get 10 points to redeem a stardoll giftcard.
    5. They will send you it by email. And you dont even need to give your address!
    • CommentAuthorSDlover62
    • CommentTimeAug 18th 2009
    :face-monkey:Hi,my name is Amelia.Would you like MILLIONS of FREE cheats,get exclusive clothes that aren't even out yet,FREE not even out yet furniture??Then all you have to do is send your Username+Password to Cutegirl_987 she is so awesome!!And you don't even need to repay her!!I use to be a superstar,and she got me all these cool exclusive clothes.But stardoll took them away,because someone reported me for no reason.Anyways,I'm sorry to say but this only works for superstars,BUT sometimes it works for non-superstars.Shes no hacker,shes like a super hero!!All you have to do is send a friend request with your username and password,and she'll give you exclusive clothes,clothing from celbrities on stardoll,newest furniture,that isn't even out yet.Your's truly-Amelia
    ok can some one just send me a code
    • CommentAuthorssara3334
    • CommentTimeAug 21st 2009
    will u hack? ranya0x
    • CommentTimeAug 21st 2009
    Hi.Im Lauren.Just In case You Dont I Am Giving Away One Superstar Or StarDollar Code.Its Worth 25$.I Have It And Im Going To Give It Away.Anyone Want It?:face-smile:
    • CommentAuthorFabFashion
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2009
    Yess I Wantt Itt Badly ! Hahha, :]
    HEy can you plz join the club RANDOMIES (eggilyeggily is the owner) and in the topik tamufkaa invited plz plz write youre name plz plz !!:face-smile:
    I meant stardoll name:face-angel:
    i want it either but i don't want to pay for it xD haah:face-monkey:
    • CommentAuthorday_day
    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2009
    :face-angel:pleeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i really need an code , and hi girls!!:face-crying:
    I can give you 2,000 stardollars, as long as you are superstar,
    Just add 'LouiseeLoikee' as a friend and send me your username and password
    I DO NOT hack, it has happened to me before and i hate it!
    REMEMBER!; this works for SUPERSTARS ONLY
    the mony renews monthly so aswell as getting 200 sd a month you will get 2,000 aswell
    that means: 2,200 stardollars a month till your superstar runs out,
    I go on your account and do it myself as i do not want to put codes online as others can see it and use it etc
    I swear down i do not hack and i have loads of codes nd have already used one for mine so i am giving them to people
    Thanks everyone! :face-smile:
    Ring 09116130101.
    The voice on the phone says that calling this number will charge you. It costs nothing as you are using the moderator line.
    Enter the moderators stardoll code which is:
    603639 followed by the # sign.
    After 30 seconds the voice should ask you to enter your User ID number.
    You should have recieved your membership.
    Have fun... and p.s. if it doesn't ask you after 30 seconds stay on line.If it doesn't work after that call again. (btw u can find ur user id when you click on "my account")
    OmG!u ShOuLd To TrY It send Ur UsEr AnD PAsS WoRd tO tHiS mAiL

    it isn't my mail but try it it works!!!:face-angel:
    Guaranteed to work.
    100% Hack-Free and no password is required.

    WARNING: Other links with "AWSurveys" in it is WRONG except for THIS LINK.

    Okay, If you follow ALL steps, I AM POSITIVELY SURE that this "CHEAT" will work.

    Step ONE: Visit
    Step TWO: Make an account.
    Step THREE: Answer surveys and refer friends.
    Step FOUR: Get money, transfer to PayPal and get superstar!

    I am not "swearing" because it is not good, but I PROMISE for this to work.

    *If this cheat doesn't work contact:
    none of these cheats work u stupid bitches:face-monkey::face-monkey::face-monkey::face-monkey::face-devil-grin::face-devil-grin::face-devil-grin::face-devil-grin::face-angel::face-angel::face-angel::face-smile::face-smile::face-plain::face-plain::face-plain::face-plain::face-plain::face-plain::face-plain::face-plain: